A book for those either approaching — or already in — their retirement years, and who still thirst for freedom and a sense of adventure.

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At sixty-three, Ed Merck is entering the final third of his life, but something is missing. Following the call of his spirit, he abruptly stops work, leaves house and community behind, and sails the East Coast of America while putting his life, and the lives of others, on the line.

Along the way there is plenty of adventure – fiery romantic trials, a deepening bond with his only son, emerging spiritual insights, and the blaze of self-transformation. All that in pursuit of a more in-depth engaged life, played out against the uncertain course of his aging.

What is the “voyage” in you that wants to emerge? How will you create a life in the later years that is filled with vitality and meaning? Come; join Ed, as you journey together into life’s remaining chapters.

In the author’s words…“I sailed into the mystery, only to discover that life is not about resolution; we just keep adding capacity to engage more of the mystery. And that is the miracle!”


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